Moto Guzzi Classics is a vintage motorcycle club from the region of Schio, Vicenza, Italy. We are dedicated to preserving and touring with the Moto Guzzi Falcone 500. This is one of the most sought after vintage motorcycles in the world. We RIDE them. Here are our reports of annual touring adventures. Enjoy the ride! The "*" asterisk reports are under development and not available as yet. Check back later for development progress. You should be able to click on any photo within these reports to see a 'full-screen' version. Let me know if that fails. You will occasionally see a colored text or hyperlink to refer you to further Internet details on a particular topic. Click on those as well.

2018 MOROCCO cultural excitement but harsh on our old machines

2017 SAVOIA alpine border between Italy and France

2016 NORMANDY & BRITTANY coastal France

2015 FRIULI & SLOVENIA northeast around the top of the Adriatic Sea

2014 CALIFORNIA 45 minute video of the first 4 days. Full report under draft.

2013 MAREMMA central Italy north of Rome

2012 PORTOGALLO/GALIZIA northern Portugal and northwest Spain


2010 PUGLIA the stiletto heel of the Italy boot

2009 ADRIA the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and Montenegro

2008 PIEMONTE northwestern Italy wine region

2007 ISLE OF MAN centenary of moto racing

2006 SARDEGNA Sardinia

2005 CAMPANIA Naples and the Amalfi Coast

* 2004 SPAGNA

2003 CALABRIA the toe of the Italy boot

2002 CORSICA French Island once owned by Italy

2001 ALSACE region which has often changed from France to Germany and back

* 2000 ABRUZZO the central mountain spine of Italy

1999 SOUTHWEST including Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. See the TOUR ADVANCE PLAN and also the FINAL REPORT.

* 1998 SICILIA Sicily

1997 ISLE OF MAN 90th anniversary of moto racing

* 1996 PROVENCE the fragrance region of France

1995 MARCHE, UMBRIA, TOSCANA central belt across Italy


Patrick Hayes

Fremont CA

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