Several people have provided me with motorcycle press articles about the Moto Guzzi SuperAlce. The following links will deliver PDF scans of the pages from those publications. These articles are presented in chronological order of publication. Several of these articles are in Italian language. I get by with rudimentary Italian and with computer software for translation. Translating a lengthy article takes me a very long time. If you are comfortable reading Italian, please step forward to volunteer to write a translation of one of these articles. I will be happy to edit the English where necessary and will give you credit for the translation work.

Walneck's, June/July 1981. The SuperAlce was a cover feature article. This newsprint publication has been poorly preserved and very difficult to copy. You will enjoy the part in the text about the blood!

Classic Bike, January 1982. Read right in the dead center text of page two and you will see SuperAlce owners described as “...the leftist young and radical chic...” Oh, man, ain't that cool? The old magazine copy was given to me by a good riding buddy, Mike Moulton (now deceased).

The Classic Motorcycle, June 1987. This article compares the Guzzi SuperAlce and the Norton 16H for military service.

Legend Bike #54, February 1997. Contains some nice photos and some very detailed engineering cross-sections of the motor. The article is in Italian and we are searching for a volunteer translator.

Moto Storiche & d'Epoca, March 1999. An extensive report on the racing SuperAlce of world enduro legend Filippo Tancorre. Now following at the end with an English translation courtesy of Dorien Berteletti.

The Classic Motorcycle, June 2001. Provided by by Ron Kemp of Wales, a Vincent Motorcycle Parts distributor.

Moto Ciclismo d'Epoca, May 2005. Including detailed parts explosions and description of two beautiful restorations. The article is in Italian and we are searching for a volunteer translator.

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