The “Super Moose”

500CC Military and Police Patrol Motorcycle

What's in a name? Moose or Elk?

How is it pronounced?

Locations and Photos of the 35 SuperAlce units currently known to be in the United States.

(We include a few Canadian friends.)

Movies which showcase the SuperAlce

What the press has to say about the SuperAlce.

We have found the phantom "hill brake"!

An incredibly detailed RESTORATION blog report from an artisan in Massachusetts.

Where and how to buy parts.

A video of the operating motor from our friends at Guzzi Club Benevento.

A very detailed 1:24 scale model is available for your collection.

A detailed electrical wire plan provided by Joe Joseph.

For an internet discussion with other owners, browse to the Guzzi-Singles Forum on Google Groups. You may read the list at any time, but must subscribe to post and ask questions.

Here are some YouTube videos to enjoy the sound. This first two are perhaps a little bit more aggressive than I am willing to ride.

Details to perform the periodic Clutch Bath Maintenance.

Contact me for copies of repair manuals in Italian and crude English translation.

Patrick Hayes, Fremont, California. You may contact me at: The mail link has some spam prevention. Please remove the “STOP” text.