I recently purchased a very detailed 1:24 scale model of the Guzzi SuperAlce. It is produced by Starline Models of Nurnberg, Germany. You should check out the variety of Guzzi that they produce.

I purchased mine off the Internet directly from KRW Models of England.

Caution: I ordered #99022 from the KRW website, but the current online catalog from Starline shows it as #99024. Make a notation for the model NAME in your ordering. Since I placed my order, there has been some confusion on item numbers between Starline and KRW. Apparently Starline revamped its numbering and neglected to tell KRW. Consequently, KRW has removed the products from its website pending inventory resolution. KRW assures me they will be back with the Internet display shortly. Check in periodically to see when they appear or e-mail KRW directly to clarify your order.

Here are some detailed pictures from my model. 4” long by 2” high. Let me know when you spot the major design flaw.

Left Side:

Right Side:

Top Side:





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