These are the known SuperAlce motorcycles in the United States and Canada. We are currently at 35 but my search continues. I have omitted owner names for privacy. If you have a photo of one which is missing, please share it with me for posting. If you have a better photo than the one I have displayed, please share it with me. If you know some anecdotal or interesting tidbit about one of the motorcycles, pleas let me know for posting here. If you know of any other SuperAlce owners in the U.S. or Canada, please contact me at The mail link has some spam protection. Please remove the “STOP” text portion.

This website has been down for several years. Some of the following machines may have changed hands and moved or perhaps even departed the USA. Please advise if you know of any updated data or if you discover a machine not currently listed.

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California, Corona #1 This collector has two SuperAlce. The vehicle is used in television and theatrical reenactments of WWIIl battles. It can be found at California Historical Group.

California, Corona #2 This is the second SuperAlce for this owner. Photo not yet available.

California, Fallbrook .

California, Fremont This picture was taken in New York City by the previous owner and used as a selling display. If you look carefully above the fuel tank, just behind the oil cap you will see what I believe are the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the background. The photo back on the home SUPERALCE page is me and my baby taken atop Mount Hamilton looking down over San Jose at the lower end of San Francisco Bay.

California, Los Angeles – this one was bought at the Ed Brooks auction in San Jose in early 2012. I can't find the new owner.

California, Port Costa Recently imported by way of Denmark.

California, San Diego This one recently sold away from Oregon to a new owner in the vicinity of San Diego and I am trying to locate that new owner.

California, Santa Rosa This bike recently sold, but I have been unable to track down the buyer or where the bike went to.

California, Tustin Currently FOR SALE on Craigslist- Los Angeles.

Canada, Alberta, Wetaskiwin BEFORE and AFTER This bike transferred from Connecticut and was in a sorry cosmetic condition. Witness the improvement from nice reconstruction workmanship. Now transferred again to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

Canada, Ontario, Guelph Currently in the process of full restoration.

Connecticut, Bethel This one recently appeared on Craigslist, Austin, TX and was quickly transferred to CT.

Florida, Fort Pierce Acquired via Mid-America auction in Las Vegas and now running.

Florida, Gulfport This motorcycle changed hands from Arkansas to Florida. It is regularly shown on display and continues to overwhelm with trophies.

Florida, Melbourne The most recent addition to our records.

Florida, Niceville I have driven this one. It came from Italy shipped clandestinely as a house lamp!

Illinois, Oregon

Indiana, Auburn - Up for auction December 8, 2012.

Kentucky, Louisville , just a rolling frame for now, but proper restoration to begin soon.

Massachusetts, Medfield BEFORE and AFTER Almost finished with a full reconstruction. This one had many original pieces cut away and the reconstruction required a lot of new fabrication of old pieces. Several of us from around the country have chipped in with photos and measurements so the restoration could remain accurate. The restoration is now complete. Click here for a nice video of the moto in driving action. No animals were injured in the making of this video!

Maine, Cape Elizabeth

New Mexico, Albuquerque

New York, Albany

Ohio, Dayton

Ohio, Milford

Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg This bike recently sold from a vintage dealer in California and is now on display at BILL'S OLD BIKE BARN, a vintage museum in Bloomsburg, PA. Drive by and visit it at

Pennsylvania, Newton Square This unit was recently purchased off EBAY and moved to a good Falcone home

Pennsylvania, Pittsburg This was restored by a friend in San Francisco and took some show and rally awards. It sold in 2004 at the Las Vegas Auction. It has changed hands several times since and has just recently resurfaced to a well respected Guzzi family in Pittsburg. Look for this one to be active at moto events!

Texas, Houston This bike sold from the vendor. But, I have been unable to track down the buyer or where the bike went to.

Texas, Houston This is advertised on Cycle Trader and is held For Sale at Britsh USA.

Vermont, Brownsville The missing pieces (rear seat, rear bars, leg shields) are all included. This moto may soon be for sale.

Washington, Graham

Washington, Vancouver

Wisconsin, Neenah

Wisconsin, Racine Here is a nice BEFORE and AFTER view of a quality restoration .

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