I am a hobby machinist and I enjoy metal projects which help other people. My primary machine is a ShopTask ShopMaster 2000 combination lathe/mill/drill. I have no formal training nor have I ever worked as a machinist. I make no assurances regarding quality or precision. I do not own the most precise machining tools. I might even damage or destroy some project that you send to me. I have no control over your skills for repair or installation. I have no control over the postal or package delivery services that might be utilized to ship materials. If you would like some help and could utilize one of my services then I'm here for you. The informed choices are all yours. I make no profit. I ask reimbursement for cost of materials and shared cost of tooling and just a little for my time.

- 98EV Tail lamp reflector modification.

- 4-Speed transmission shift selector shaft o-ring groove.

- 4-Speed and 5-Speed transmission rear cover throwout bore.

- Sidecover Screws for LoopFrame sidecover.

- Falcone Clutch Throwout Button Bearing.

- Veglia Clock clouded lens replacement.

Specialty "one off" projects.

If you have any questions or comment please contact me: